This renovation of a 25,000-square-foot, 1950’s building redefines the ubiquitous shopping center image. An entirely new architectural character, the visually exciting graphics, enhanced public visibility and better night lighting generate this paradigm shift. Rigorous and boldly thematic yet playful, the new facade also accomplished the developer’s fiscal goals of allowing for increased rents, while curtailing vandalism and creating full occupancy.

Lightweight aluminum panels, 1/8 thick, 12-feet long by 2-feet wide were bent on site over brackets attached to the existing facade. The work was done from the roof so that not a single hour of sales time was lost during the construction. The undulating panels appear dynamic in their reflection of the changing sunlight by day and are evocative by night. The graphic pretext allows stores to maintain their logo and font, but the letter size and the mounting system are kept consistent for a unified affect.  Built in 2010, Phase II of the renovation included a 13,500 square foot addition on two floors was, thereby increasing the value of the property and offering more services to the community.