As part of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, this exhibition holds at its focus the personal communications and stories of the ship’s passengers. In collaboration with the eponymous ABC mini-series, a number of artifacts and costumes were obtained. The installation is organized around a central room where “Marconi-grams” are displayed chronologically. Aided by bold black and white graphics and the use of large-scale pull out quotes, the visitor is immersed in the hours just before and after 11:30 PM when the vessel was struck.


To the right of the core is the before story, including the building of the ship and it’s decor, and to the left is the aftermath, shown through a series of stories of survivors and materials related to the movies and other propaganda that contribute to the myth and mystery that still surrounds the events of that night. Towards the front of the room, costumes are displayed to one side and to the other, there is a reading area where reproductions of newspapers from throughout the country are displayed for visitors to read leisurely at a table and benches made specifically for the show.