The exhibition and a memorial work together to create a meaningful place of education and repose at the entry to a local Jewish Community Center. In the gallery, we curated and designed a series of six kiosks depicting on the events leading to the Nazi regime, the Holocaust and the ultimate Diaspora. Displayed with a restrained palette of industrial blackened steel with exposed bolts, it sets the tectonic tone for the memorial as well.

Outside, secluded below grade, the design is abstract while at the same time authentic – its elements provocative without being literally metaphoric. Six elements of a traditional home are reinterpreted in wood and steel. The wood is salvaged from a long sunken railroad trestle in the Salt Lake, and the steel is laser cut with varied random patterns at times these excavated pieces tilted out from the surface as shutters. Water cascades over a wall, filtered light streams through roof joists, a hearth of red glass aggregate, an empty bookshelf, all aggregate to tell the story of war while a bed of white flowers calls to the safety of family and a spirit of survival that ultimately leaves visitors with a sense of hope.