Completed in 1956, Frank Lloyd Wright’s tower is, in his words, ‘the tree that escaped the crowded forest”. The 19-story structure originally consisted of offices on each floor and duplex residential suites. Now, as part of the Price Tower Arts Center, the tower includes ground floors with exhibition spaces, six floors of hotel rooms and a two-level restaurant and conference area.

With only one year to complete the design and construction, the work was intensive and the directive was the difficult one of complementing Wrights work without being derivative. Keeping in the Wrightian tradition, CJS designed all unique furnishings. Made locally with a palette of natural copper, wood and soft green tones, there is a whimsical, yet practical, aspect to the work. Copper plumbing pipe is used for furniture pieces echoing Wrights copper exterior panels. Comprehensive design services included graphic design for restaurant and hotel identity, custom rugs, furnishings and all accessories for the rooms and restaurant.