Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History

With its world-renowned scholarship and swashbuckling adventure relating to the collection of specimens and fascinating stories of life on earth long before man, the Peabody Museum’s Fossil Halls have much to tell. The museum’s paleontologists have reconceived their discourse to bring forth a much different, more dynamic picture of how early dinosaurs, reptiles, and early mammals behaved. Challenging previous conceptions, the halls are a reflection the Peabody’s innovative scholarship and research. Here, visitors are presented with questions of their own evolution in the context of climate change and shifting geology.

Our design is at once technically complex, accommodating many specimens, and also profoundly bold in its layout and material palette. The rooms are bathed in edge grain ash, accentuating the vitality of the murals. Major mounts are displayed at floor level without visible supports to accurately show their scale and add to the impression that you are walking amongst the dinosaurs. Interactive media stations, developed in close collaboration with the scientific and educational team, further illuminate the science.

As Yale University continues fund raising efforts, no completion date has been set.