This small studio is a place for one person to work, read, and listen to music. Open vistas to a pond and fields are to one side; the other side is immersed in deep woods. Each façade is composed with distinct apertures specifically arranged to the light and views, all tailored like a bespoke suit to the client’s size and eye level. The inside is uncluttered and elegant, unified by the use of walnut and black slate.

Minimalist detailing, open corners and transparency running the length of the structure challenge the simplicity of the “box”. Given harsh winters, the fireplace becomes the visual center, anchoring the asymmetrical composition with a large, richly conceived hearth.  The fireplace also anchors the large cantilevered corners to either side from a structural point of view.

The studio volume is a rectilinear, restrained single-room, but the rigid orthogonal geometry of the room is juxtaposed with the dynamic sculptural designs of the furniture – a desk, a side table, and two black leather armchairs. The slat pattern of the exterior extends to the interior further blurring the interface between inside and nature.

The outside shell is all cedar with a matte black stain – the same surface treatment for the flat broader, horizontal boards and the highly textured thinner slats. Each was precisely laid and mitered at the corner for added sculptural affect. Copper trim and scuppers accent the black form of the studio.