A waterline refers to the line where the air meets the sea on the wide of a vessel.

Located within a “pop-up museum” inside the historic shell of the Seaport Museum, this installation embraces the toughness the warehouse vernacular while providing a playful affect. At the same time, Waterline acts as a sunscreen to the south light, and reduces the vacuous scale of the upper level lobby space.

Within the confines of the overall budget and schedule, (design and construction took place within a 3-month period), the sculpture shows a commitment to the building. “Waterline” reads as a floating body of water, undulating gently above your head. Assembled quickly by a group of local art students, the 4032, 5-ounce fishing sinkers shimmer at the end of blue nylon paracord. The enthusiasm of the staff, consultants and design team was palpable and lead to a great deal of public outreach. Local press followed the progress carefully and all varieties of New Yorkers were engaged in the success of the museum.