The Senses: Design Beyond Vision

This is an exhibition which examines how multisensory design amplifies everyone’s ability to receive information, explore the world, satisfy essential needs and experience joy and wonder. “The Senses”, created in collaboration with 65 contemporary designers, features, direct sensory experiences and displays practical, innovative and exploratory products to touch, hear, see and smell.

The ambitious exhibition design consists of curving screens made from richly colored vinyl threads. Woven or hung onto black steel frames that undulate through space, the colors blend from one area to the next, evoking different sensory feelings or moods. The screens are both backdrops to the objects and definers of spaces, allowing very different aesthetics to occupy the same installation while pragmatically solving issues of sound bleed, aroma, and varied lighting levels.

“Senses” is an accessible exhibition experience that welcomes visitors of all abilities in ways that go far beyond the usual talking points of universal design.

This show looks beyond that notion of compliance and uses innovative, artistic and technologically advanced ideas to address accessibility and create environments that engage the visitor across multiple senses to create a more embodied life experience.