The exhibition explores three different groupings of porcelain art by fine artists, ceramic artists, and designers – some lyrical, some skeptical, and some that challenge the premise of the medium entirely using new technology. The design recalls the tradition of Delft, with its rich blue color contrasted with modernist white.

Artwork is positioned in silhouette against contrasting color – a strategy learned from Brancusi and used here to highlight form. The exhibition features varied systems of display. In the entry gallery, a linear, table-height platform and shelves give the gallery an expansive feeling while unifying the multitude of diverse pieces. In the east areas, plinths with bonnets provide moments of density and distinction amongst the variety of art works. Each pedestal uses a diagonal partition in blue and white to frame. Lastly, the west gallery features two dioramas presenting larger works of art – enhanced to beautiful affect of shadow and reflection.

In exhibition design, dealing with both great diversity of artifact and a variety of artists usually produces a disjointed visual experience. In this case, with careful design and spatial sophistication, objects used in our everyday life are now seen as works of art within a clear spatial and graphic concept.