MOD NY : Fashion Takes a Trip

The exhibition “Mod NY” at the Museum of the City of New York, highlights a selection of visually groundbreaking and historically significant garments from the 1960s when American fashion underwent radical aesthetic transformations. As clothing also assumed communicative powers—reflecting the emergence of a counterculture, the women’s liberation movement, and the rise of African-American consciousness, designers responded with artistic and avant-garde designs, giving clothing a voice and point of view.

The installation boldly presents a decade of changing fashion immersed in a vibrant array of color, dynamic geometrical forms and graphic patterning. The gallery is organized into five distinct but overlapping sections – “First Lady of Fashion”, “Youthquake,”, “Bohemia”, “The New Nonchalance” and “Black and White Ball”. In each niche mannequins are carefully arranged, highlighting relationships in color and design.

The color palette mirrors the artistic, graphic and material inventiveness of the Mod period. Triangular platforms increase the available perimeter for display and set a dynamic conversation between the garments and the gallery space. A soundtrack of hits from the era gives the experience a dynamic, upbeat excitement from the moment you enter.