London Mithraeum

This newly opened subterranean museum is composed of exhibitions on three levels, beneath Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters. The ground level features an impressive display of over 600 Roman artifacts. The strong presence of ancient life is vividly depicted through a range of personal effects, glassware, wooden writing tablets and ceramics. A rotating gallery space houses a series of contemporary art commissions responding to one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites.

Visitors descend to the mezzanine level via a cascading stair with flanking granite walls etched with stratigraphy – the layers of history going from modern to Ancient Roman street elevation. Here, a projected media presentation is coupled with didactic interactives. At the lowest level, the temple foundation is brought into three dimensions using light beams rendered visible through the presences of environmental haze.

With the use of haze, directed light creates the illusion of the temple walls as if rising from the ruins.