The arrival of a new Dean ushers in a new emphasis on collaborative work and student engagement. The lobby area furnishings and new aesthetic straddle the difficult line between formal appearance as the entry to a distinguished professional school and the informality of day-to-day life for the students.  The space is always active requiring durability and low maintenance, all at an economical budget during a limited summer construction schedule. (Note that privacy concerns prevented taking pictures with the students.


Using as much of the existing infrastructure, the spirit of the place is entirely different. The curving wall becomes a social and visual link from one area to the next as it is now lined with mirror behind a series of vertical fins. This intervention of reflectivity adds brightness and a playful quality that makes the use of the space more exciting – a physical embodiment of the Dean’s strategy for openness and transparency in her administration.


New high efficacy lighting provides for better visual clarity and considerable savings on energy costs.  Furthermore, they also up-light the ceiling, enhancing the crispness of the installation with their simple, rigorous layout. Using a limited palette of material types, color and furnishings, we were able to achieve a special place that has both a spirit of today and a lasting quality of visual impact appropriate to the school’s eminence and responsive to the needs of the student community.