The exhibition, “Americans”, at the National Museum of the American Indian, is a modern and dynamic multi-media display of history and popular culture as never seen before. Hundreds of back-lit graphics and dozens of artifacts, line the walls. The number and breadth of these objects underscores the extent to which this imagery has influenced our culture and identity.

Individual galleries off of the central space address specific historic events. Topics chosen are ones that many Americans are familiar with on a superficial level including Pocahontas, the Battle of Little Bighorn, Thanksgiving and Trail of Tears. Focusing not just on the history of these events, but also how the telling of them has evolved over time, this exhibition takes the position that how we remember our history defines who we are as a nation.

Within the entry hall,
titled “Indians Everywhere,”
hundreds of representations of American Indians from three centuries of American life are held in an expansive armature of steel.